A portfolio of some important inland and offshore shallow-draft vessels and rigs built during 1985—selected for their high standards of design or performance ANDREW FLETCHER Offshore Shipbuilding The passenger vessel Andrew Fletcher was delivered


RIB Technology Makes Stronger, Faster Boats

The business of building better Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) is a serious one, which utilizes and combines some of the world's most advanced materials technologies. Comptetion in the market is stiff, as manufacturer claims and counter claims would indicate.

'New' High-Speed Ferry Boosts Boston Area Commuter Service

The number of high-speed, round trips available to ferry commuters in South Boston suburbs increased by 40 percent recently with the addition of a 100-foot, 150-passenger ferry boat to the Boston Harbor Commuter Service fleet. The "new" boat, the Sterling,

'Tina' Is A Happy Blend Of Innovations And Proven Designs

Wilmington Launch Service, Wilmington, Del., has placed in service the new 65-foot shipdocking tug, Tina, which can create controlled thrust while pushing or hauling, fore and aft, even sidestepping, with only one man on deck. This capability is the result of several design innovations.

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